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My labour and delivery story with Ellie.

So my little Ellie is officially 1 month old!!!

I’ve finally decided to pull my finger out, and write my labour and delivery story.
Yes, its been a month, but as I'm about to tell you, my labour and delivery were quite difficult, as was the recovery. 
And I’ve only in the last few days, properly felt myself again. It’s just crazy how it can really take it out of you. Considering my labour and delivery with Phoebe was SO much easier. even the recovery!!

So as you all know, my second daughter Ellie was born on the 31st december at 12.44am. After a long 10 hours of labour, she arrived!

My labour story begins on the Tuesday 29th december. I popped along to the hospital, where they have a Fetal Assessment Unit. Which is basically an emergency department for pregnant women! I went along quite calmly, as I had noticed Ellie's movements had ever so slightly dipped. Not stopped entirely, but a definite change. Now if you’re all familiar with the amazing organization that is Count The Kicks, you will know not to risk any change of movement in your baby.

So I phoned up my other half, Dave. And off we went to the hospital. As I had been before for reduced movements in previous weeks, and it was thankfully a false alarm, and baby seemed fine and healthy. We were eventually sent home. So Dave and I decided it would be best I would be dropped off to the hospital on my own, whilst Dave took Phoebe to our local soft play centre for an hour or so (thinking it would be another false alarm, and just to ease my concerns!)

I was eventually seen, and placed on the fetal heart monitor, where it monitors babies movements and heartbeat. You tend to be sat on this for a minimum time of 20-30 minutes. So make sure you wee first!!
The midwife returned and looked at the readings, and just said to me calmly, ‘as you’ve previously been to us for an assessment for reduced movements, we will offer you a quick scan to see how baby is doing’. Also, the midwife was a bit concerned as Ellie felt like she was in the breach position. So a scan was the next move.
By this point I'm silently freaking out just a little bit.
We head on over to the next room, and I get myself into the position to have my scan. It was so lovely to finally see baby Ellie on a scan again, as I hadn’t seen her since my 20 week scan. At this stage in my pregnancy I was 39 weeks +2 days pregnant.
The sonographer is silent, and does all the relevant checks she needs to do, and after about 30-40 minutes of reviewing the findings, she tells me that Ellie has a dipped level of blood flow. This basically meant that my placenta was slowly stopping working for Ellie, and it would only be in her best interest to get her out!

I then have the opportunity to phone Dave, and inform him of the news. I think he didn’t quite believe me for a second, as we both just thought everything would be ok!

Dave organises dropping Phoebe off to my parents house (as this was already planned for her to stay for when I did eventually go into labour) And makes his way to the hospital with all my bags in tow.

At this point, I think I did actually burst into tears. It was a whole load of emotions for me really. Not only was it a massive relief, because by this stage I was totally fed up of being pregnant!! But it was also very scary to be there on my own, and I remember just wanting Dave to get there QUICK! And also, I had this extreme overwhelming feeling of, ‘oh my god Phoebe! I didn’t say goodbye to Phoebe properly!!’ That was the last time she would be an only child, and there I was thinking it would be a false alarm and I gave her a kiss goodbye like, ‘bye! Have fun at soft play. See you later!’
So that was a massive emotion for me at the time. Luckily the midwives were VERY understanding.

I then was given an examination to see how ‘favourable’ my cervix was for which method of induction. Whether that be a pessary being inserted, which starts off the contractions by releasing a hormone that softens the cervix and gets things going. Or if I could have my waters broken by a midwife.
It turned out that my cervix was 2-3cm dilated and they could break my waters for me once I was on the labour ward. She offered me a stretch and sweep whilst she was ‘down there’ Which hurt!!! But I was on my own, with nobody to hold my hand. So I think that made it worse!

Dave finally arrived and we were taken down to the antenatal ward, where we were told we had to wait until a room became available on the labour ward, and a midwife to look after us. Where they would then break my waters.

Dave and I had our own room on the antenatal ward, and basically just got comfortable. We were told, and were expecting to go down to the labour ward that night. (it was around 3pm when we were sent to the antenatal ward) So Dave and I watched a couple of films, and just relaxed. Well, we tried too.
A midwife came to us around 9pm, to inform us there isn’t a room or a midwife available. :( And she stuck me back on the fetal monitor to see how Ellie was doing.

Time was going so slow, and Dave and I had an awful nights sleep. We were both missing Phoebe terribly. seeing as we were expecting to be in labour by now!!!

After a long wait, we were finally seen at 3pm the next day (30th) by our lovely midwife, Helen, who informed us she was ready for us. Again, I nearly cried! I don’t know if it was relief of ‘finally!! Lets get things going!!’ Or if it was nerves? Probably both.

We were then taken to our room, and we got comfortable for this birthing process to begin. I got into my nightdress, and had something to eat and drink.

Helen then came in to break my waters. I never had this done with Phoebe, so I was very nervous. 
My waters were broken, and it was just the strangest, warmest feeling! :)
And thats when things got going!! After my sweep the previous day, I was already having some mild feeling of contractions, and losing my mucus plug. Which I won’t talk too much about, lets just say that!!
So after having my waters broken, this really got things going!!

I was told they would allow 2 hours for my contractions to really get going, and if nothing was progressing, then i would be placed on a drip to be administered a drug to REALLY kick my labour a long. 
After a good bounce on the ball, and a few laps of the ward….nothing really progressed. The contractions were painful, but irregular.
So of course, I was given the drip…. Now this worked!!
I was put on the drip around 6-7pm. By this point I was already on gas and air, as just by having my waters broken the contractions were hurting. They just weren’t coming regularly enough. With the drip, it really intensified the contractions. And I don’t really remember TOO much from then onwards! 
Dave and Helen were both extremely comforting through this stage, and I was eventually examined. Now I literally can’t even tell you what time this was! I just know Helen examined me and i was roughly 7cm. What a relief!!
I should have mentioned that I was placed on a mobile monitor, just in case anything happened to Ellie, and they could keep an eye on her heartbeat etc.
By this stage, I am of course, talking nonsense (gas and air), and screaming for all the pain relief!! haha.
I did have a considerable amount of pressure down below. So much that it made me feel very sick, and like I wanted to push! i was only 7-8 cm!

At this stage, they lost track of Ellies readings, so a doctor was called in, and a clip was placed on Ellies head. Again, this reading was lost, and they were then talking about a c section, to get Ellie out NOW! Her readings through the clip on her head then came back. And she was thankfully still ok, just a little distressed in some places. So a c section was still imminent!
At this stage, I was offered an epidural. Which didn’t work! I was too far gone, and the pressure returned. I was 10cm and ready to push. Well lets just say by this time I was exhausted, and pushing felt like it was taking forever!!!! And nothing was happening! 
i was pushing for about 35 minutes. And eventually her head was out, and one more push and my little Ellie was finally here!! 
This 7lbs 5oz slimy baby was placed on my chest, and she just looked a spit of Phoebe! 
I of course burst into tears, and the relief of, ‘i did it’ kicked in!

Dave and I then spent the next hour or so, relaxing, getting cleaned up and enjoying our newest little addition!!!

Overall labour time was 10hours. 
Pain relief was gas and air, along with an epidural that didn’t work!
Pushing for 35-40 minutes.
No tear/stitches.

A complete and healthy labour and delivery! :)

Sophie-Evelyn xoxo


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