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2 UNDER 4!

If somebody told me 5 years ago, I would have 2 children by the time I was 26, I would literally tell them, they're crazy!
I was 20, in a new job, and well into the honeymoon phase with my boyfriend. 
Having Phoebe was a massive shock, and surprise. Seeing as Dave and I hadn't even been together very long. We are still yet to go on a holiday abroad together!!
I was still in a stage of my life, even at 20, of not knowing what my 'purpose' was. I was just working, and spending money, and there just felt like there was no point to any of it.
February 2012, that all changed, when we found out we were expecting. 

Now, this is what I was made to do. This was my purpose. To be a fun mum, relishing in my children and devoting everything to them. I finally felt like I was made for something. So ideally, Dave and I didn't want to wait too long to have another one. However, with most things in life, things happen, and it changes your plans and your route in your life. After Dave lost his Dad in 2013, we really took a step back, and we were struck with grief and trying to sort out everything of my father in laws (house, car etc) 

I also wasn't working either. I wanted to be working before I had another baby, 2014 came around and I finally got myself a little job, and before I knew it, I was pregnant in April 2015!! And oh how different it is having 2. 1 is easy! 2 feels like you have an army sometimes!.

So, here are just a few of my tips I tend to go by when it comes to the girls..and 2 under 4!


Hands down, without a doubt the top of the list....time! Allow more time. Much, much more time. I learnt this pretty early on with a 3 year old and a newborn. There just wasn't enough time to get it all done with 2, compared to having just the 1. Especially when you've been so used to the 3 year old not being so dependent on you, with being toilet trained etc.
Even now, with Phoebe being 4 and Ellie coming up to 11 months....Getting out of the house is just a stressful time. From making sure you have nappies, cream, wipes, drinks, spare clothes. Then making sure Phoebe has her lunch box for school, or even mummy has her purse (forgotten that a few times with 2 kids!!)
Definitely take a breather, think about everything that you need, and what I find best, is getting things ready the night before...


A must with more then the one baby. If I don't pack Phoebe's lunch the night before, then it sets me back in the mornings, to where I am stressing! We don't want that in the morning. Start the day right and get it sorted the night before. This even goes for the girls' outfits for the day, and arranging Ellie's changing bag the night before.


Another thing I clocked onto quite quickly, was to get out of the house, even if its just for a 30 minute walk around where you live. It keeps the kids entertained for the duration, and it also gives you your sanity back! Seeing other human beings then your children, and actual adults too! Definitely makes you feel a tonne better. 
If I am having a day where Im feeling a little snowed under...too many dishes, or too much washing...Even the kids driving me mad. Then I will instantly try to get out for some fresh air. Works a treat!


Ok, so my house is not at all spotless, show home style. But when I know I have done some housework, it literally makes me feel so much better. I know, I know. Like having 2 kids isn't enough?!...Get a cleaner! ;) As women, I think majority of us all have an element of OCD within us, and to have a tidy, organised household, it is so satisfying. Not only that, but when everything is done, take the laundry for instance, it makes your life easier when you know the kids have clean clothes in their draws,and its easy for you to pick an outfit for them. Less stress!


This is really important for parents. Even with just the 1 child, it can definitely be a struggle to remember where you began. My hubby and I have definitely had moments where we have forgotten, ''Hey, the girls are actually here BECAUSE we fell in love'' Its nice to remember that there was a reason you chose to have a family with one another. Lets not waste that and be drowned in nappies, and school work where you forget your best friend!

And finally..


This was huge for me when I was pregnant with Ellie. I specifically remember even writing a list of ''how to not seclude your first born'' Stupid I know. But I think as most mums with more than 1 can relate too, when you're pregnant with you're 2nd (and 3rd, 4th,5th etc) You do have that tremendous feeling of guilt for your 1st born. This little person who had me all to herself for the first 3 years of her life. Does she realise what is about to happen?
Thankfully Phoebe and Ellie adore each other (for now!)
Phoebe and I have enjoyed plenty of quality time together so far. Splashing out a couple of times to go to the pictures to see a movie. And even with your everyday things. I make sure, whenever Ellie naps during the day, I always will do something with Phoebe. However small it is. The other day she assisted me in loading the washing machine and hanging the wet washing on the line. Then we sat down on the sofa, for the rest of Ellie's nap and we watched a movie with some popcorn. Those little things are what they need.
And for Ellie, at the moment she's lucky that Phoebe is in school most mornings, so she has me all to herself anyway. When she is older, I will do the same for her.

Sophie-Evelyn xoxo

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