Monday, 1 August 2016


Since I was a young girl, all I can remember is suffering from eczema. I remember it the most and the worst on the inside of my legs. I specifically remember the smell of the steroid cream my mum would apply after every bath, and anytime visiting the seaside, the seawater would sting like you wouldn't believe!!
That was as worse as it got for a long, long time. Until I was pregnant with my eldest daughter, Phoebe. Its crazy what pregnancy hormones can do to you. But as soon as I knew I had this little person growing inside of me, my skin just reacted badly. From acne, to eczema in places I had never had it before in my life. 
As a child, with it being on the inside of my legs, I was always able to hide it, and nobody knew that I had eczema. Now I suffer from it quite bad on my hands. My right hand being aggressively worse. Don't ask me why!

With it being that eczema can be known to be hereditary, it was only a matter of time before we noticed a skin sensitivity in both Phoebe and Ellie. 
Phoebe has always been the worst. Since she was a newborn, I always remember how sensitive her skin was, and her skin was so delicate and flaky at the beginning. (More then a normal newborns)
With my experience of eczema, I have tried anything and everything to 'tame' it. 
My hands can get very, very sore. They can end up cracking, and I have scars on my fingers from this.  :(
As with the girls, its been trial and error in terms of what works best for their skin. The things we like to use the most are specifically things organic and as natural as you can find. We stay clear away from perfumed soaps, and moisturisers.
I've spent so long shopping around, trying to find the best product for us all. But everybody's skin is different. What could work great for Phoebe, could do the opposite to me and vice versa.
Ellie's skin isn't so sensitive, but we still are very careful with what products we use. I like to stick with natural products, like I said. And Ellie is smothered in the Burt's Bee's lotions and bath soaps. These are very popular in our household. As well as this we like to use the Simple baby range. I just find that its a lot more sensitive to my babies skin.

With Phoebe, we literally have to bath her in just warm water sometimes. Her backs of her legs get very, very sore with eczema. I make sure I moisturise both girls every single night after their baths, and this helps massively. 

One cream I have heard lots of high praise about lately is the Kokoso baby range. I have just purchased this cream, and I'm excited to see if it is as good as people have said it is.
I purchased this cream in Boots and I paid £6 for it. Which, compared to some creams I have purchased, this was a bargain!!

I am excited to try it, as it smell delicious, and I will be sure to keep you posted :)

Sophie-Evelyn xox0

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