Sunday, 18 December 2016

What we have bought the girls for Christmas.

So I thought it would be quite a different post. But I wanted to share with you what we have bought the girls for Christmas. Now, although this isn't everything we have got them, as obviously they have stocking fillers, and socks, pjs etc. But below is what their main presents are this year.

This year was definitely a challenge. Having two children, both girls, and one who is all grown up and wanting to play with Barbies and make up. And the other who is barely even walking yet. It took a lot of shopping around and sensible thinking for us to really get this right, as we didn't want to go too overboard. And considering what I'm like, I don't think we've done half bad!

I'm going to start with Phoebe, as she's the eldest, and her 'style' of what toys and gifts she's asked for has totally changed. Although the Disney theme is still profound, she has just grown so much from wanting cuddly toys and all things Disney. This year she asked for make-up...what?!

One of Phoebe's main presents this year, is the Ariel underwater 'toddler' doll. I think they vary in price, but we picked this one up for £34.99. And this will be Phoebe's 'main' present.
She hasn't asked for this particularly, but I know she will love it, and Ariel is her current favourite. 
The doll itself lights up (tail) when you press Ariel's necklace. As well as this she sings and it just is brilliant, and I am so excited for Phoebe to open it.

Next is 'Blu Blu the baby dolphin. This was my little bargain! We picked this up in Home Bargains for £19.99, when its RRP was £49.99!! Its an interactive toy that Phoebe can cuddle and pretend play with. And I know she will like this as it was on her list. 
Sticking with the typical Disney theme (of course!) Phoebe is making her way through collecting the Disney barbie dolls. So far she has, Anna, Elsa, Aurora, Ariel and Tiana. And for Christmas we have bought her, Belle, Cinderella and Snow White. These are usually priced at around £10-£12, but they were on offer at £5.89! These are an easy choice for my Disney obsessed girl and she plays with them literally every day!

Another obvious choice for Phoebe, and that is anything My Little Pony related. This girl is just obsessed. Because on her birthday in September she received quite a significant amount of My Little Pony toys, we wanted to almost stay away from that choice. But as she is just so obsessed, we snuck one little toy in. I don;t even know the name of this pony. All I know is that you can brush its hair and fiddle with all the sparkly bits...I'm rubbish, I know. I actually bought this from Tesco and It was no more then £15.

Finally, this was a random purchase. I saw it when doing the food shop, and remembered that Phoebe had asked for make up. Still not sure how I feel about it. She is only 4!!
but this Tsum Tsum make up case stood out to me, and I know she just loves those bloody things. So thought this would be perfect. Lots of monitoring with this present is definitely needed!!! I picked this up for about £6? Again, random purchase but one I know she will love.

As well as other little presents, and stocking fillers, that is pretty much everything we have bought for Phoebe.

Now onto my little baby, Ellie. Now, Ellie will be turning 1 on New Year's Eve. So she was quite difficult to buy for, as she's only 1, and you don't want to go too crazy with a birthday coming up so soon...But, of course, I did.

First up, is the standard toy you buy for an almost 1 year old, who is trying desperately to walk. A Vtech walker. Now, a bit of a pain in the arse with this present, because we bought Phoebe the exact same one for her 1st birthday, but I cannot for the life of me find it? Who loses a walker? I must have sold it and I just can't remember... So, off we went to purchase a new one...Oops! We bought this from Amazon for £19.99. Another one of my bargains.

My little Ellie is Iggle Piggle, Ninky Nonk, Upsy Daisy, In the Night Garden OBSESSED! So I knew pretty early on that I wanted to purchase the Ninky Nonk musical activity train. It's so full of things to do, and I just cannot wait for her to play with it. I was half tempted to give it to her the day I got it, but I didn't as that would just be silly. I really can't remember how much we paid for this one, but again, this would be classed as Ellie's main present. With the girls' main presents, I tend to stick to the same price limit. And with each girls' gift, that was around £40.

Staying with the In the Night Garden theme, is of course, the fell himself, Iggle Piggle. Now, I have Ellie a cheeky glimpse at this little guy when he came, and she was just mesmerised. So much so, that when I took him away to go in the 'to be wrapped bag', she through her first tantrum!! So he must be a hit and I know she will love snuggling him. He of course talks, and sings and he also has a soft, glowing light in his body to help soothe your baby with the songs. So cute!

Finally, we then bought Ellie a few Vtech/Fisher Price musical toys to play with. We tried not to spend anymore then £15 on each one, as some of them can be crazy money. And to be honest, we got most of them from Home Bargains.

So that's that. I hope you enjoyed this post, as I know I'm quite nosey, and I use these types of posts for inspiration too. I will be posting my first youtube video in the New Year to introduce myself, and show you all what myself and the girls got for Christmas. So stay tuned!! 

Sophie Evelyn xoxo


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