Sunday, 18 December 2016

What we have bought the girls for Christmas.

So I thought it would be quite a different post. But I wanted to share with you what we have bought the girls for Christmas. Now, although this isn't everything we have got them, as obviously they have stocking fillers, and socks, pjs etc. But below is what their main presents are this year.

This year was definitely a challenge. Having two children, both girls, and one who is all grown up and wanting to play with Barbies and make up. And the other who is barely even walking yet. It took a lot of shopping around and sensible thinking for us to really get this right, as we didn't want to go too overboard. And considering what I'm like, I don't think we've done half bad!

I'm going to start with Phoebe, as she's the eldest, and her 'style' of what toys and gifts she's asked for has totally changed. Although the Disney theme is still profound, she has just grown so much from wanting cuddly toys and all things Disney. This year she asked for make-up...what?!

One of Phoebe's main presents this year, is the Ariel underwater 'toddler' doll. I think they vary in price, but we picked this one up for £34.99. And this will be Phoebe's 'main' present.
She hasn't asked for this particularly, but I know she will love it, and Ariel is her current favourite. 
The doll itself lights up (tail) when you press Ariel's necklace. As well as this she sings and it just is brilliant, and I am so excited for Phoebe to open it.

Next is 'Blu Blu the baby dolphin. This was my little bargain! We picked this up in Home Bargains for £19.99, when its RRP was £49.99!! Its an interactive toy that Phoebe can cuddle and pretend play with. And I know she will like this as it was on her list. 
Sticking with the typical Disney theme (of course!) Phoebe is making her way through collecting the Disney barbie dolls. So far she has, Anna, Elsa, Aurora, Ariel and Tiana. And for Christmas we have bought her, Belle, Cinderella and Snow White. These are usually priced at around £10-£12, but they were on offer at £5.89! These are an easy choice for my Disney obsessed girl and she plays with them literally every day!

Another obvious choice for Phoebe, and that is anything My Little Pony related. This girl is just obsessed. Because on her birthday in September she received quite a significant amount of My Little Pony toys, we wanted to almost stay away from that choice. But as she is just so obsessed, we snuck one little toy in. I don;t even know the name of this pony. All I know is that you can brush its hair and fiddle with all the sparkly bits...I'm rubbish, I know. I actually bought this from Tesco and It was no more then £15.

Finally, this was a random purchase. I saw it when doing the food shop, and remembered that Phoebe had asked for make up. Still not sure how I feel about it. She is only 4!!
but this Tsum Tsum make up case stood out to me, and I know she just loves those bloody things. So thought this would be perfect. Lots of monitoring with this present is definitely needed!!! I picked this up for about £6? Again, random purchase but one I know she will love.

As well as other little presents, and stocking fillers, that is pretty much everything we have bought for Phoebe.

Now onto my little baby, Ellie. Now, Ellie will be turning 1 on New Year's Eve. So she was quite difficult to buy for, as she's only 1, and you don't want to go too crazy with a birthday coming up so soon...But, of course, I did.

First up, is the standard toy you buy for an almost 1 year old, who is trying desperately to walk. A Vtech walker. Now, a bit of a pain in the arse with this present, because we bought Phoebe the exact same one for her 1st birthday, but I cannot for the life of me find it? Who loses a walker? I must have sold it and I just can't remember... So, off we went to purchase a new one...Oops! We bought this from Amazon for £19.99. Another one of my bargains.

My little Ellie is Iggle Piggle, Ninky Nonk, Upsy Daisy, In the Night Garden OBSESSED! So I knew pretty early on that I wanted to purchase the Ninky Nonk musical activity train. It's so full of things to do, and I just cannot wait for her to play with it. I was half tempted to give it to her the day I got it, but I didn't as that would just be silly. I really can't remember how much we paid for this one, but again, this would be classed as Ellie's main present. With the girls' main presents, I tend to stick to the same price limit. And with each girls' gift, that was around £40.

Staying with the In the Night Garden theme, is of course, the fell himself, Iggle Piggle. Now, I have Ellie a cheeky glimpse at this little guy when he came, and she was just mesmerised. So much so, that when I took him away to go in the 'to be wrapped bag', she through her first tantrum!! So he must be a hit and I know she will love snuggling him. He of course talks, and sings and he also has a soft, glowing light in his body to help soothe your baby with the songs. So cute!

Finally, we then bought Ellie a few Vtech/Fisher Price musical toys to play with. We tried not to spend anymore then £15 on each one, as some of them can be crazy money. And to be honest, we got most of them from Home Bargains.

So that's that. I hope you enjoyed this post, as I know I'm quite nosey, and I use these types of posts for inspiration too. I will be posting my first youtube video in the New Year to introduce myself, and show you all what myself and the girls got for Christmas. So stay tuned!! 

Sophie Evelyn xoxo


Saturday, 17 December 2016

The countdown to Christmas!...

How exciting!! It's a week until Christmas Eve, and I actually can't believe it. This year, I just feel that everything has been so bloody manic, and christmas has just crept up on me and hit me in the back of the head so hard.

I don't know if it's the joys of having more then the one child now, or if it's because SO much has happened lately. I just feel that my life is constantly rushed. I'm making a promise to myself in the New year, that I will slow down and just take 5!!
Last Christmas, Dave and I were organised and done with the shopping way before November. This year, were having to pop into town tomorrow to sort out the last few bits. (I'm still yet to sort out a present for my mum and dad!!)

Now that Phoebe has finished at Pre School until the New Year, I feel like this will give me a bit more of my time back. I'm looking forward to enjoying this time off with Phoebe, and really making the most it.

So far, this Christmas season we have already seen Father Christmas a good 4 times!! We have done so many festive activities leading up to Christmas, I don't think she's ever been so excited.
It's just so much more fun this year, as Phoebe is now 4, and this year she truly understands the whole meaning of Christmas. she remembers previous Christmas', and this year at Pre School, she starred in her first nativity and she learnt all about baby Jesus. (That was the highlight of my christmas season with Phoebe! Seeing her with her school friends all dressed up)

Every morning she wakes up, and of course the first thing she remembers is her Trolls advent calendar. We open it together, and I show her what the chocolate is, quickly before she scoffs it!!

Although things have been so manic lately, I am finally getting to a stage now where I am just so excited for the day. Christmas is my favourite time of the year, but my gosh is it stressful!?

I spent one night last week writing out about 35 christmas cards for Phoebe's pre school class. I just have not stopped.
Thats why I'm excited to have Phoebe be finished with school for Christmas. Just to have relaxing mornings, and not worry about packing lunch boxes and remember certain forms to send back to school.

I'm looking forward to just switching off from all of that and enjoying my first C
hristmas with two children. Eeeek!

Stay tuned for my many christmas updates. And soon enough I may be brave to post my first youtube video!! Possibly showing you what I got for Christmas?


Sophie-Evelyn xoxo

Saturday, 26 November 2016


2 UNDER 4!

If somebody told me 5 years ago, I would have 2 children by the time I was 26, I would literally tell them, they're crazy!
I was 20, in a new job, and well into the honeymoon phase with my boyfriend. 
Having Phoebe was a massive shock, and surprise. Seeing as Dave and I hadn't even been together very long. We are still yet to go on a holiday abroad together!!
I was still in a stage of my life, even at 20, of not knowing what my 'purpose' was. I was just working, and spending money, and there just felt like there was no point to any of it.
February 2012, that all changed, when we found out we were expecting. 

Now, this is what I was made to do. This was my purpose. To be a fun mum, relishing in my children and devoting everything to them. I finally felt like I was made for something. So ideally, Dave and I didn't want to wait too long to have another one. However, with most things in life, things happen, and it changes your plans and your route in your life. After Dave lost his Dad in 2013, we really took a step back, and we were struck with grief and trying to sort out everything of my father in laws (house, car etc) 

I also wasn't working either. I wanted to be working before I had another baby, 2014 came around and I finally got myself a little job, and before I knew it, I was pregnant in April 2015!! And oh how different it is having 2. 1 is easy! 2 feels like you have an army sometimes!.

So, here are just a few of my tips I tend to go by when it comes to the girls..and 2 under 4!


Hands down, without a doubt the top of the list....time! Allow more time. Much, much more time. I learnt this pretty early on with a 3 year old and a newborn. There just wasn't enough time to get it all done with 2, compared to having just the 1. Especially when you've been so used to the 3 year old not being so dependent on you, with being toilet trained etc.
Even now, with Phoebe being 4 and Ellie coming up to 11 months....Getting out of the house is just a stressful time. From making sure you have nappies, cream, wipes, drinks, spare clothes. Then making sure Phoebe has her lunch box for school, or even mummy has her purse (forgotten that a few times with 2 kids!!)
Definitely take a breather, think about everything that you need, and what I find best, is getting things ready the night before...


A must with more then the one baby. If I don't pack Phoebe's lunch the night before, then it sets me back in the mornings, to where I am stressing! We don't want that in the morning. Start the day right and get it sorted the night before. This even goes for the girls' outfits for the day, and arranging Ellie's changing bag the night before.


Another thing I clocked onto quite quickly, was to get out of the house, even if its just for a 30 minute walk around where you live. It keeps the kids entertained for the duration, and it also gives you your sanity back! Seeing other human beings then your children, and actual adults too! Definitely makes you feel a tonne better. 
If I am having a day where Im feeling a little snowed under...too many dishes, or too much washing...Even the kids driving me mad. Then I will instantly try to get out for some fresh air. Works a treat!


Ok, so my house is not at all spotless, show home style. But when I know I have done some housework, it literally makes me feel so much better. I know, I know. Like having 2 kids isn't enough?!...Get a cleaner! ;) As women, I think majority of us all have an element of OCD within us, and to have a tidy, organised household, it is so satisfying. Not only that, but when everything is done, take the laundry for instance, it makes your life easier when you know the kids have clean clothes in their draws,and its easy for you to pick an outfit for them. Less stress!


This is really important for parents. Even with just the 1 child, it can definitely be a struggle to remember where you began. My hubby and I have definitely had moments where we have forgotten, ''Hey, the girls are actually here BECAUSE we fell in love'' Its nice to remember that there was a reason you chose to have a family with one another. Lets not waste that and be drowned in nappies, and school work where you forget your best friend!

And finally..


This was huge for me when I was pregnant with Ellie. I specifically remember even writing a list of ''how to not seclude your first born'' Stupid I know. But I think as most mums with more than 1 can relate too, when you're pregnant with you're 2nd (and 3rd, 4th,5th etc) You do have that tremendous feeling of guilt for your 1st born. This little person who had me all to herself for the first 3 years of her life. Does she realise what is about to happen?
Thankfully Phoebe and Ellie adore each other (for now!)
Phoebe and I have enjoyed plenty of quality time together so far. Splashing out a couple of times to go to the pictures to see a movie. And even with your everyday things. I make sure, whenever Ellie naps during the day, I always will do something with Phoebe. However small it is. The other day she assisted me in loading the washing machine and hanging the wet washing on the line. Then we sat down on the sofa, for the rest of Ellie's nap and we watched a movie with some popcorn. Those little things are what they need.
And for Ellie, at the moment she's lucky that Phoebe is in school most mornings, so she has me all to herself anyway. When she is older, I will do the same for her.

Sophie-Evelyn xoxo

Sunday, 14 August 2016

A day in the life of a stay at home mummy of 2 - School time.

6.30am - This is when I first hear my littlest girl, Ellie. I tend to ignore her for half an hour, and let her play in her cot. (unless she's crying, which is very rare!) She’s quite a mellow little baby, and will just lay there until somebody goes in to say Hi!

7.00am - This is usually when daddy’s alarm goes off, which in turn seems to wake my biggest girl, Phoebe. She either comes into our bedroom, or 90% of the time she goes in to see her little sister :)

7.15am - Now I finally feel awake enough to get up and get ready for my day. I usually have my 3 year old pestering me for the ipad, or a drink. So whilst I deal with her, I immediately go to Ellie’s nursery, and get greeted by a gorgeous 7 month old, smiling away. At this time, Phoebe assists me with changing Ellie’s nappy, and opening all the curtains.

7.30am - Now that I have sorted my girls out, I quickly nab a wee!! I splash some water over my face, and bring both girls downstairs. At this point we say our goodbyes to daddy. Whilst the girls wave goodbye to Daddy, I prepare the living room. Put the tv on etc, and give Phoebe a morning drink.

7.45am - I sit down for a morning coffee whilst Phoebe chills out and watches a bit of Disney Junior.  At the same time I feed Ellie her morning bottle, of 7oz.

8am - At this point, Phoebe usually starts nagging me for some breakfast. This varies from day to day, but it usually consists of toast, or a cereal, with fruit on the side (grapes, strawberries or raspberries)

8.20am - Finished with breakfast, and morning bottle. Phoebe is very helpful lately, and were trying to inflict some minor chores for her. She helps clean up breakfast, and place all her dishes by the sink.

8.30am - We head upstairs to get ready. On a Pre School morning, I literally brush my hair, wash my face, and brush my teeth! I have my showers in the evenings, to save me more time. But also, I feel like a shower at night relaxes me more.

8.45am - I aim to get both girls ready by this time (It doesn't always happen!!)

8.50am - Shoes on, baby in the pushchair, bags and lunch box in tow. Were ready to walk to Pre-school. We only live around the corner from Pre-School, so its a nice walk every morning.

9.00am - Dropped the biggest one off to Pre School. Now to head home with my littlest.

9.15am - This is usually when I offer Ellie some sort of ‘breakfast’. She tends to have a porridge, 90% of the time. 

9.45am - After clearing away Ellie’s breakfast, she is ready for her morning nap. Ellie, on a good day sleep for up too 2 hours during a nap.

10.00am - After making myself another cuppa (coffee if Im really tired) I crack on with the breakfast dishes, make the beds and tidy up any mess made from the morning. It doesn't take me long and I’m usually sat down by 10.30am ready to eat a quick breakfast. Usually some fruit or breakfast bar. I use this nap to just sit and chill. I catch up with any social media, and literally just relax!!

11.45am - If Ellie isn't awake by this point (Which she usually is) then I go in and gently wake up my sleepy baby.

12.00pm - LUNCHTIME. I really don't eat much during the day. I know, I know, it’s so bad! I just don’t get hungry. But I try and eat to keep my metabolism up. I usually munch on some sort of sandwich! But for Ellie, she has her biggest meal. I make her puree’s, and I’m at a stage where I’m still introducing new foods, before I start mixing flavour. She has had all sorts so far, but this week were on butternut squash :)

12.45pm - Time to pick up the biggest!! Ellie and I usually leave literally the very last minute. We are literally next door to the Pre school. 

1.00pm - Were all home, and I normally have a grumpy, hungry 3 year old on my hands. I offer her a snack when we get in, with a drink. She usually has a banana, or an ‘oaty bar’. (This is a Goodie’s bar, but my daughter calls these oaty bars hehe!)

1.15pm - We chill out and Ellie and Phoebe usually play.

2.00pm - Second bottle of the day. Another 7oz bottle for Ellie, and she usually falls asleep on the bottle. Straight to bed, and this then allows me to spend some time with Phoebe.

2-4pm - Phoebe and I do some sort of activity. Colouring, reading, or watching a dvd. I also spend time in between, doing some laundry and tidying up as I go (If I don’t, then the place ends up in a tip!!!) I try and do 1-2 loads of washing a day, again, if I dont, then it builds up massively!

4.00pm - Ellie is awake. I change her nappy, open her curtains and have a little cuddle with her. Phoebe is usually glued to my hip, so Ellie is always very happy to see us both.

4.15pm - We all head downstairs, and I offer Ellie some water, as she can be a bit dry. She usually has 2oz.

4.30pm - Tea gets prepared and placed in the oven. The girls at this point will be playing with each other. Either in the lounge or Phoebe out in the garden.

5.00pm - Daddy is hooooooome!!! And if has all gone to plan, Tea is on the table.

5.30pm - All done with tea. Let the clean up commence, and again the girls chill out and play.

6.00pm - Bathtime. We bath the girls every night. Some nights Phoebe will prefer to have a shower, but Ellie always has a little bath. Daddy runs the bath, and as he is doing that, the girls are in Phoebe’s room, playing and being silly. (mainly Phoebe!) Whilst they're all doing that, I am running around closing curtains, getting nappies, pyjamas and creams ready for the girls.
Daddy is then handed Ellie to bath first. She has a little splash around whilst I am spending some time with Phoebe. Once Ellie is out, we swap and Phoebe is in. Whilst daddy baths Phoebe, I am drying, and moisturising Ellie. Daddy then takes Phoebe out, and wraps her in a towel. Phoebe usually spends a long time in the bath, so when she is out, Ellie is all snug in her pyjamas.
Daddy then drys and moisturises Phoebe, and gets her into her pyjamas.

6.45pm - I dry Phoebe’s hair whilst Daddy gives Ellie her 7oz bottle before bed.

6.50pm - I brush Phoebe’s teeth, she jumps in bed whilst I grab 2 stories to read. 

7.00pm - Ellie falls asleep on the bottle and Daddy places her in her cot. She goes down very quickly, and Daddy comes in to me and Phoebe to give Phoebe a kiss goodnight.

7.10pm - All being well, I am usually downstairs by this time, to clean up tea.

7.30pm - Mummy and Daddy have finished cleaning and are now ready to chill for the night!!!! Zzzz. 

10.00pm Ellie’s last feed, ‘dream feed’. Again, 7oz. She guzzles it and she's straight back to sleep until she wakes up at 6.30am.

10.30pm  - Dave and I jump into bed, and we chill out some more.

11.00pm - Were asleep!!!!!!

So there you have it. That is as close as what our daily routine can be like. Obviously this varies if were out for the day, or I have work in the evenings. But this is how it is majority of the time.

Thanks for stopping by!

Sophie-Evelyn xoxo

Returning to work after maternity leave.

Well, the time has come. It's finally time for me to return to work. On one hand I am so, so excited, and on the other I'm so nervous, and so, so not ready to leave my baby!

I have tremendous guilt, as with Phoebe I wasn't working until I got this job when she was nearly turning 2. So I completely relished in her first 2 years of life, and I was with her every step of the way.
Ellie is only 8 months old, and Im returning to work :( I do only work evenings, so it makes it a lot easier. I start work at 5pm and finish at 9pm. I'm very lucky that my children are basically in bed whilst I am at work. But, that still doesn't make my mummy guilt any easier!!

It's so difficult trying to juggle everything. You're trying to be the best mummy you can, but at the same time be the best partner/wife. If I had it my way, I would win the lottery and never work again, whilst completely enjoying my life with my children (who wouldn't though ey?)

I keep jumping back and forth from, 'Yes, I am so ready to go back to work, and I've really made the most of my time off', too 'Nope! Nope! So not ready for this at all!!!'

I'm sure once my first shift is over with, I will just be thinking, 'well that was easy!' (minus the sore feet hehe)
But this mummy has to go out and make a life for herself, and get successful in her career.

So wish me luck, and lets hope I survive my first week back at work. My uniform is washed, and ironed all ready. And I've even treated myself to some new work shoes. Hehe.

Sophie-Evelyn xoxo


Monday, 1 August 2016


Since I was a young girl, all I can remember is suffering from eczema. I remember it the most and the worst on the inside of my legs. I specifically remember the smell of the steroid cream my mum would apply after every bath, and anytime visiting the seaside, the seawater would sting like you wouldn't believe!!
That was as worse as it got for a long, long time. Until I was pregnant with my eldest daughter, Phoebe. Its crazy what pregnancy hormones can do to you. But as soon as I knew I had this little person growing inside of me, my skin just reacted badly. From acne, to eczema in places I had never had it before in my life. 
As a child, with it being on the inside of my legs, I was always able to hide it, and nobody knew that I had eczema. Now I suffer from it quite bad on my hands. My right hand being aggressively worse. Don't ask me why!

With it being that eczema can be known to be hereditary, it was only a matter of time before we noticed a skin sensitivity in both Phoebe and Ellie. 
Phoebe has always been the worst. Since she was a newborn, I always remember how sensitive her skin was, and her skin was so delicate and flaky at the beginning. (More then a normal newborns)
With my experience of eczema, I have tried anything and everything to 'tame' it. 
My hands can get very, very sore. They can end up cracking, and I have scars on my fingers from this.  :(
As with the girls, its been trial and error in terms of what works best for their skin. The things we like to use the most are specifically things organic and as natural as you can find. We stay clear away from perfumed soaps, and moisturisers.
I've spent so long shopping around, trying to find the best product for us all. But everybody's skin is different. What could work great for Phoebe, could do the opposite to me and vice versa.
Ellie's skin isn't so sensitive, but we still are very careful with what products we use. I like to stick with natural products, like I said. And Ellie is smothered in the Burt's Bee's lotions and bath soaps. These are very popular in our household. As well as this we like to use the Simple baby range. I just find that its a lot more sensitive to my babies skin.

With Phoebe, we literally have to bath her in just warm water sometimes. Her backs of her legs get very, very sore with eczema. I make sure I moisturise both girls every single night after their baths, and this helps massively. 

One cream I have heard lots of high praise about lately is the Kokoso baby range. I have just purchased this cream, and I'm excited to see if it is as good as people have said it is.
I purchased this cream in Boots and I paid £6 for it. Which, compared to some creams I have purchased, this was a bargain!!

I am excited to try it, as it smell delicious, and I will be sure to keep you posted :)

Sophie-Evelyn xox0

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Spring/Summer Baby Girl Wishlist

Now that the days are beginning to get brighter...(slowly but surely at least!!) It's time for me as a Mummy, to get all excited about all the lovely summery days out, and activities I want to do with my girlies. 
This year is our first year as a family of four, and I'm so so excited to do family days out with our completed family. Come July/August (which is when we do most of our summer days out), Ellie will be around 8-9 months old. And I think this is the perfect age for her to get involved and enjoy where she lives. Living in Devon, we as a family are very fortunate to be surrounded by beaches and perfect summer locations. I have grown up here, and I remember as a child spending my summers at the beaches, visiting Paignton Zoo, and Crealy Adventure Park. These places are all fairly local to us. And we're very lucky to have them on our doorstep.
Having these summery locations on our doorstep, only entices me to shop shop shop!! Now, I live for buying my girlies clothes. It's a terrible habit, as I seem to always look like a troll, whilst they're decked out looking lovely all the time. 
Picking out the girls' summer wardrobe is absolutely essential, so I tend to stick with the stores that I can always rely on for the girls. And I do occasionally pick up some bits from the local supermarkets, like Sainsburys, Tesco, and Asda.
So here it is. My Wishlist of things I MUST  get for Baby Ellie!!





As you can see... It's a lot!! And I probably won't get it all, but hey, a girl can dream!! 

Thanks for reading!



Saturday, 5 March 2016

Our Weekly Meal Plan

So here's the thing, even though I would much rather binge on dominoes pizza every night this week... I have a tiny little 3 year old that depends on me to cook relatively healthy meals... 

So here it goes, 

MONDAY - Our favourite go too meal... Spag Bol with garlic bread. Always a winner in my house! 

TUESDAY - Chicken stir fry with egg fried rice.

WEDNESDAY - Sweet potato cottage pie with a side of veg. (My fave!!)

THURSDAY - Spaghetti carbonara. 

FRIDAY - Pizza with garlic doughballs.

So there you have it... Not the most healthiest, but it feeds my brood! 

What are you all having for dinner this week? 


Friday, 19 February 2016

Shall I start vlogging?.....

So here's the thing... Being on maternity leave, and having a lot of spare time on my hands I thought it would be time for me to set up my youtube channel.

Ive always wanted to do it, even before I had Ellie. Ive just never had the confidence to do it I guess.
Well, now I just want to take my chance and get going with it, and see where it takes me.

Im forever taking pictures and filming little videos of my two girls anyway, and I figured it would be like that....but better?? haha.

So, give me some time to get it all together, and I would love to share some of my ideas with you, and bring you along even more into my mummy life!!


Wednesday, 27 January 2016

My labour and delivery story with Ellie.

So my little Ellie is officially 1 month old!!!

I’ve finally decided to pull my finger out, and write my labour and delivery story.
Yes, its been a month, but as I'm about to tell you, my labour and delivery were quite difficult, as was the recovery. 
And I’ve only in the last few days, properly felt myself again. It’s just crazy how it can really take it out of you. Considering my labour and delivery with Phoebe was SO much easier. even the recovery!!

So as you all know, my second daughter Ellie was born on the 31st december at 12.44am. After a long 10 hours of labour, she arrived!

My labour story begins on the Tuesday 29th december. I popped along to the hospital, where they have a Fetal Assessment Unit. Which is basically an emergency department for pregnant women! I went along quite calmly, as I had noticed Ellie's movements had ever so slightly dipped. Not stopped entirely, but a definite change. Now if you’re all familiar with the amazing organization that is Count The Kicks, you will know not to risk any change of movement in your baby.

So I phoned up my other half, Dave. And off we went to the hospital. As I had been before for reduced movements in previous weeks, and it was thankfully a false alarm, and baby seemed fine and healthy. We were eventually sent home. So Dave and I decided it would be best I would be dropped off to the hospital on my own, whilst Dave took Phoebe to our local soft play centre for an hour or so (thinking it would be another false alarm, and just to ease my concerns!)

I was eventually seen, and placed on the fetal heart monitor, where it monitors babies movements and heartbeat. You tend to be sat on this for a minimum time of 20-30 minutes. So make sure you wee first!!
The midwife returned and looked at the readings, and just said to me calmly, ‘as you’ve previously been to us for an assessment for reduced movements, we will offer you a quick scan to see how baby is doing’. Also, the midwife was a bit concerned as Ellie felt like she was in the breach position. So a scan was the next move.
By this point I'm silently freaking out just a little bit.
We head on over to the next room, and I get myself into the position to have my scan. It was so lovely to finally see baby Ellie on a scan again, as I hadn’t seen her since my 20 week scan. At this stage in my pregnancy I was 39 weeks +2 days pregnant.
The sonographer is silent, and does all the relevant checks she needs to do, and after about 30-40 minutes of reviewing the findings, she tells me that Ellie has a dipped level of blood flow. This basically meant that my placenta was slowly stopping working for Ellie, and it would only be in her best interest to get her out!

I then have the opportunity to phone Dave, and inform him of the news. I think he didn’t quite believe me for a second, as we both just thought everything would be ok!

Dave organises dropping Phoebe off to my parents house (as this was already planned for her to stay for when I did eventually go into labour) And makes his way to the hospital with all my bags in tow.

At this point, I think I did actually burst into tears. It was a whole load of emotions for me really. Not only was it a massive relief, because by this stage I was totally fed up of being pregnant!! But it was also very scary to be there on my own, and I remember just wanting Dave to get there QUICK! And also, I had this extreme overwhelming feeling of, ‘oh my god Phoebe! I didn’t say goodbye to Phoebe properly!!’ That was the last time she would be an only child, and there I was thinking it would be a false alarm and I gave her a kiss goodbye like, ‘bye! Have fun at soft play. See you later!’
So that was a massive emotion for me at the time. Luckily the midwives were VERY understanding.

I then was given an examination to see how ‘favourable’ my cervix was for which method of induction. Whether that be a pessary being inserted, which starts off the contractions by releasing a hormone that softens the cervix and gets things going. Or if I could have my waters broken by a midwife.
It turned out that my cervix was 2-3cm dilated and they could break my waters for me once I was on the labour ward. She offered me a stretch and sweep whilst she was ‘down there’ Which hurt!!! But I was on my own, with nobody to hold my hand. So I think that made it worse!

Dave finally arrived and we were taken down to the antenatal ward, where we were told we had to wait until a room became available on the labour ward, and a midwife to look after us. Where they would then break my waters.

Dave and I had our own room on the antenatal ward, and basically just got comfortable. We were told, and were expecting to go down to the labour ward that night. (it was around 3pm when we were sent to the antenatal ward) So Dave and I watched a couple of films, and just relaxed. Well, we tried too.
A midwife came to us around 9pm, to inform us there isn’t a room or a midwife available. :( And she stuck me back on the fetal monitor to see how Ellie was doing.

Time was going so slow, and Dave and I had an awful nights sleep. We were both missing Phoebe terribly. seeing as we were expecting to be in labour by now!!!

After a long wait, we were finally seen at 3pm the next day (30th) by our lovely midwife, Helen, who informed us she was ready for us. Again, I nearly cried! I don’t know if it was relief of ‘finally!! Lets get things going!!’ Or if it was nerves? Probably both.

We were then taken to our room, and we got comfortable for this birthing process to begin. I got into my nightdress, and had something to eat and drink.

Helen then came in to break my waters. I never had this done with Phoebe, so I was very nervous. 
My waters were broken, and it was just the strangest, warmest feeling! :)
And thats when things got going!! After my sweep the previous day, I was already having some mild feeling of contractions, and losing my mucus plug. Which I won’t talk too much about, lets just say that!!
So after having my waters broken, this really got things going!!

I was told they would allow 2 hours for my contractions to really get going, and if nothing was progressing, then i would be placed on a drip to be administered a drug to REALLY kick my labour a long. 
After a good bounce on the ball, and a few laps of the ward….nothing really progressed. The contractions were painful, but irregular.
So of course, I was given the drip…. Now this worked!!
I was put on the drip around 6-7pm. By this point I was already on gas and air, as just by having my waters broken the contractions were hurting. They just weren’t coming regularly enough. With the drip, it really intensified the contractions. And I don’t really remember TOO much from then onwards! 
Dave and Helen were both extremely comforting through this stage, and I was eventually examined. Now I literally can’t even tell you what time this was! I just know Helen examined me and i was roughly 7cm. What a relief!!
I should have mentioned that I was placed on a mobile monitor, just in case anything happened to Ellie, and they could keep an eye on her heartbeat etc.
By this stage, I am of course, talking nonsense (gas and air), and screaming for all the pain relief!! haha.
I did have a considerable amount of pressure down below. So much that it made me feel very sick, and like I wanted to push! i was only 7-8 cm!

At this stage, they lost track of Ellies readings, so a doctor was called in, and a clip was placed on Ellies head. Again, this reading was lost, and they were then talking about a c section, to get Ellie out NOW! Her readings through the clip on her head then came back. And she was thankfully still ok, just a little distressed in some places. So a c section was still imminent!
At this stage, I was offered an epidural. Which didn’t work! I was too far gone, and the pressure returned. I was 10cm and ready to push. Well lets just say by this time I was exhausted, and pushing felt like it was taking forever!!!! And nothing was happening! 
i was pushing for about 35 minutes. And eventually her head was out, and one more push and my little Ellie was finally here!! 
This 7lbs 5oz slimy baby was placed on my chest, and she just looked a spit of Phoebe! 
I of course burst into tears, and the relief of, ‘i did it’ kicked in!

Dave and I then spent the next hour or so, relaxing, getting cleaned up and enjoying our newest little addition!!!

Overall labour time was 10hours. 
Pain relief was gas and air, along with an epidural that didn’t work!
Pushing for 35-40 minutes.
No tear/stitches.

A complete and healthy labour and delivery! :)

Sophie-Evelyn xoxo

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