Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Things have been a bit manic....

As you're all aware, I am currently pregnant with my second little bundle of pink joy!! So, of course things get a bit hectic. Especially when you have a challenging 3 year old.
I say challenging.. But really she's a diamond. Mummy's hormones are just messing with her patience to ANY toddler.  Worlds best mum over here!!

Anyway.. Things have been hectic, and I've not had a minute to myself. A good start to the blogging, hey??

From sunday onwards, hubby and I have literally powered on and its been all things baby!
My doorbell has never been pressed so many times. Delivery after delivery. Which is very, very exciting, but my gosh am I exhausted!!

So far this week, I have built a pushchair, installed an isofix and a car seat into the car, and organised a mountain of baby grows. AND....There is more to come!!!!

So what I am trying to say is, sorry for the lack of posts. As you Mum's will understand it can be a bit overwhelming in the last few weeks of pregnancy. So please hang tight, and I'll be sure to give you something more interesting!

Maybe a look at my pushchair?? And I will also be organising my hospital bag very, very soon. So that is something you will be seeing also.

Lots of love,


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