Monday, 25 January 2016

About me..

Hello! And welcome to my blog.

My name is Sophie-Evelyn (or just Sophie), and I'm 25. I have two children, Phoebe my eldest, and Ellie. I live with my other half, Dave in Devon. And we have been together.....TOO LONG! ;)

I am, of course, a mother/housewife. But as well as this I do work part time. And I love it. Its my opportunity to escape the madness, and have some 'adult' time. Crazy I know. I mean, who actually enjoys work? hehe.

Im very passionate about being a mother, and I really do put my whole self into being the best mother I can possibly be for my children. The title of my blog is 'all things mum'. And that is simply because I love and adore 'all things mum'. I love all that is involved in being a mother.
I am obsessed with toddler/baby fashion. And any new tips/advice on anything to do with parenting.

I would truly say, being a mother is my 'hobby'. As daft as that sounds. So that is where the idea for this blog has risen from.

I want the opportunity to share my views, tips and ideas on parenting with all you other mummy's and daddy's out there.

Thanks for reading!

Sophie-Evelyn xoxo


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