Saturday, 14 November 2015

Dealing with toddler tantrums!

So, we've all been there. As mummy's to a child under...5? It's a part of our official job description to deal with the awfulness that is tantrums! Absolute meltdowns can happen at anytime.

For me, this hasn't happened for some time. My child is 3, and is officially a "big girl". No need for these terrible tantrums, right?... Wrong!!

It hits you when you're least expecting it.

Monday afternoon, pre school pick up. Just like any other pre school pick up. No worries! 

Except on this Monday afternoon, I decided it would be wise to park in the actual pre school car park (mainly to make my life easier, as it's literally 5 feet from the door!) Much to my toddlers dismay... Well, she wanted to walk past the park. Like we do "every pre school day". Well that wasn't acceptable and it went from 0-100 very, very quickly. 

There was just no reasoning with her. She turned into this wailing, floppy demon child. Now I'm 8 months pregnant. And trying to pick this large 3 year old child into the car, was like an honest mission! Where's your husband when you need him!!? 

Every other pre school mum is walking past and watching you in complete horror. "Look at that mum!"...."she can't even handle her 3 year old"...."bad parenting right there!".... Or at least that's what goes through your head in this awful, embarrassing moment. 

When truthfully, every single mum that walks past and "stares"... Is 99% of the time feeling completely sorry for you and wishing you all the best.
We've all been there, after all!

My point is, Monday was just an absolute, hormonal mess for me. And I sobbed and sobbed my heart out for the rest of the day. "I'm such a terrible mum!!!"

When really, no! I'm not! I'm a flipping good mum, who loves her children dearly. Even when they are complete lunatics and you think "who has raised you to be like this demon!!!!?"
I'm doing a great job, and that's very difficult as mums for us to remember. 
It's not always easy, and it is the most challenging job we will ever have. 

But would we change it? I know I wouldn't. 

Keep strong Mums!!


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